About Steve Sorensen and His Embezzlement, Business, and Finance Blog

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Steve Sorensen is a CPA who does financial consulting work in his native Colorado. A graduate of Finance from the University of Colorado Boulder, Steve is interested in all topics related to finance. From doing market research to monitoring economic conditions, he is tireless in his pursuit of knowledge, and passionate about sharing this with his clients.

Through the lessons and insights on this blog, it is Steve’s ultimate aim to become an authority in finance. As a financial blogger, he covers a wide array of topics in order to cater to his readers’ diverse backgrounds. For Steve, anyone can learn the ways of business and investing, which is why he opened his financial blog to readers of all skill levels. To him, what’s most important is that people learn from each other and their experiences.

As an aspiring financial blogger, Steve has set aside space on his website for embezzlement. Though not necessarily a hot topic among readers and other financial bloggers—compared to business and investments—Steve nevertheless wants the public to be well aware of the risks and dangers of embezzlement.

Steve’s hyper-focus on embezzlement stems from his personal experiences. To be more specific, his best friend’s family business fell victim to an embezzlement scam; an unfortunate event that lasted several years. By the time the family found out about the scheme, it was already too late. The wicked employee had already gotten away with thousands of dollars, and the family had no recourse on how to get it all back.

This is why Steve has taken it upon himself to preach prudence and caution on his blog in hopes that business owners will listen and heed his advice. Though he may be just “another financial blogger”, Steve is nonetheless dead serious about looking after his readers’ best interests.

More About Steve

When Steve is not busy with consulting work or writing content on his blog, he enjoys snowboarding in Aspen, Vail, and Breckenridge in his home state of Colorado. While there seems to be little in common about finance and snowboarding, Steve likens the thrill of snowboarding with making a killing in the equities markets.

Steve also considers snowboarding a great outlet for stress. Having grown up in beautiful Colorado and stayed there all his life, he thinks it was only natural for him to have fallen in love with snowboarding.

With that said, Steve also hopes to share his love for snowboarding on his blog. He is also looking at Colorado’s tourism and business landscape for blog topics.

Steve’s favorite movies are currently The Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short. For reasons that may or may not be obvious—depending on whether you have seen these movies—Steve finds much truth to these two movies and can relate with some of its characters.

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